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        ChinaExhibition.com|中国会展网 ChinaExhibition.com (a.k.a "CE"), currently with offices and representatives in Hong Kong, Taipei, Xiamen, Nanning (ASEAN Headquarter), and Shanghai, is a subsidiary of China Exhibition Limited (Hong Kong). CE focuses on all China trade shows/exhibitions/expos and all business events held in China. We act as a gateway between manufacturers, suppliers, trade show organizers from Taiwan,Hong Kong, Macau and China and worldwide buyers and visitors.We always strive to provide a most comprehensive and accurate China trade show and business event database with all our clients. More services will be launched to serve your business needs in China in a very near future. For more information, please {a href='mailto:contact@chinaexhibition.com' style='color:#f00'}contact us{/a} for more details.

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